Read This If You’re Thinking of Chopping Your Long Hair.

Over Easter weekend, I decided to cut 8 inches off my long locks and go for the popular “lob” look that I’ve been seeing so much on media over the past year. I’ve had long hair my whole life, so this was a huge change for me! So far, I’ve enjoyed my shorter look but have run into some small cons along the way as well. If you’re thinking of chopping your hair, consider this short pros and cons list beforehand!

  1. PRO: Lighten your load
    • If you happen to have a head of thick, full hair like me, chopping your locks definitely takes some of that cranium weight away- especially with those hot and sweaty summer months around the corner! Your neck muscles will thank you.
  2. CON: Less options for hair styling
    • Say goodbye to that thick ballerina bun or lengthy braids… I’ve been struggling trying to find ways to put my hair up on quick mornings or dirty hair days. This has been my biggest challenge so far, especially since I’ve been so used to putting my hair up in elaborate ways over the years with dance!
  3. PRO: Save money
    • As trivial as this is, having shorter hair saves you HELLA shampoo/conditioner and can easily cut your shower time in half. With my long locks, I had to shampoo 2-3 times to clean all of it, keeping me in the shower so much longer. Say hello to less Walgreens runs and smaller water bills!
  4. CON: Textured hair… beware. 
    • If you have some texture, keep your natural hair in mind before you chop. I have a natural wave to my hair, so sometimes my lob can look a little funky if my waves don’t cooperate. Before you get the haircut, consult with your stylist to find the right length and cut for your unique look.
  5. PRO: Give your hair a major health boost! 
    • When you chop long hair, you’re essentially cutting it at it’s healthiest point. Banish those split ends and damaged strands… your hair will thank you.
  6. PRO: Time for a change? 
    • If you’re looking to switch things up, chopping your hair is a great way to change your look and give you that boost of confidence you deserve. I was getting so tired of my high-maintenance, long locks- chopping my hair was SO refreshing.

Overall, I don’t have any regrets about cutting my hair. I was nervous to go through with it at first, but I ended up being very happy with how it turned out (despite those two small cons!). It has made my hair care a lot easier and gave me that little change I was craving. If you’ve been wanting to chop your locks, I encourage you to go for it. After all, it’s just hair!




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